My writing primarily focuses on social justice with common themes including queerness, gender diversity, neurodiversity, and intersectionality. I have written articles, personal essays, and creative works that have been published in LGBTIQA+ media, literary journals and online publications.

In 2020, I was accepted into Spilling the T Collective – a trans and gender diverse peer support writers collective for emerging writers in Australia. From this, I had my work published in Bent Street 5.1 – Soft Borders, Hard Edges, a special edition focusing on the trans and gender diverse community.

In early 2021, I took part in a six week storytelling program with Centre for Stories, which led to me telling my story about gender affirmation and recovery during the pandemic at Backstories, a multi-sited storytelling festival.

In late 2021, I spoke on a writers panel called The Gender Binary and Beyond with The Wheeler Centre, alongside fellow storytellers/writers Alison Evans (Ida, Highway Bodies, Euphoria Kids), Hayden Moon, and Nevo Zisin (Finding Nevo, The Pronoun Lowdown). Here we discussed our experiences of writing a new world into reality, and creating narratives and stories that will lead us to a future beyond the gender binary.

In 2022, I am focused on publishing more personal essays, and on entering the world of fiction writing.

Article: Gender Equity Beyond the Binary

Edith Cowan University (2022)

Poem: I am Free

Bent Street 5.1 – Soft Borders,
Hard Edges (2021)

Personal Essay:
At Home in this Place

Bent Street 3 (2019)

Out In Perth:The Importance of Chosen Family for the LGBTI Community (article)

When coming out to family, we want to believe the people who raised us will love us unconditionally, and not see us any differently, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Approximately 40% of homeless youth are LGBTIQ+, due to having been kicked out of home, or having self-selected out because of safety.

Out In Perth: Combating Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia and Intersex Exclusion (article)

Homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and intersex exclusion are often categorised by the general population as a thing of the past. As if, the fact that LGBTIQ+ people are not physically or verbally assaulted to the extent they were in the past, somehow means everything is equal and just. Unfortunately, this is not often the case.

The Queer Av: Intersex Activist & Artist Pidgeon Pagonis (interview)

“Of all systems of oppression, intersex is just one of them and I try to link identity politics with two that I’m invested in. One, I’m part Mexican and part Greek, so I try to show people the linkages between how being brown in a white supremacist culture, is a direct threat to white supremacy. I link that with intersex oppression where intersex bodies are a direct threat to the heteronormative structure in society and so the medical industry tries to erase our bodies off the map because it poses a threat to that false binary of sex and gender.”

The Queer Av: YouTuber & Content Creator Hannah Hart (interview)

Hannah Hart is a lot of things. She’s an award winning comedian, a professional YouTuber and Internet Personality. She’s an actress, producer, philanthropist and a New York Times best selling author. All of this and she hasn’t even reached 30 yet! Most would probably know her best from her My Drunk Kitchen series on YouTube (for which she’s won multiple awards).

The Queer Av: Trans Musician Ryan Cassata (interview)

Ryan Cassata & The Rhythm formed in July of this year, the by-product of connections formed through college, social media and the Long Island music scene. With a rock sound, a passion for music and some studio singles in the works, I’m not surprised if you think this band sounds a lot like the many others out there. This however, is not the case.